January 20

Republican’s poll where the question is kept secret


One thing is certain about the republican movement – they are rolling in money.

Now they are promoting another irrelevant opinion poll, just after the one they paid for last month.

In neither poll are the respondents asked whether they now support  the republicans’ proposed republican model. (This is because they're keeping that model secret. Or they don't know what sort of model they actually want)

They relaunched their movement last year at a $200 a head celebrity studded dinner at waterside restaurant, Le Hermitage.


…PR firm engaged…


They had a PR firm handle the relaunch.

They even had the money to pay for an opinion  poll on the Governor-General's extraordinary comments in the ABC's Boyer Lecture.

The ARM say this poll found 48% agreed with the Governor-General.

But the point about any poll is the exact question asked. When we asked pollster UMR for the actual question, they told us refused without their client's consent.

A request to the ARM to reveal the question went unanswered.

It is curious that the question in this opinion poll should be as secret as the ARM's model for a republic!

As, no doubt, the republicans' plans for a new flag are also secret.

Whatever the precise question was, it was irrelevant. Even monarchist Prime Minister Tony Abbott came out and supported the Governor-General's right to make the comment.

But that didn't stop republican leader former WA Labor Premier Dr.Geoff Gallop from using this totally irrelevant poll to push the republican issue.  

(To be continued)


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