April 12

Republicans spitting chips.

Republicans are not happy. Indeed some are spitting chips.

Rather than working out what they are proposing in relation to the the constitutional system and our Flag, they spend much  of their time in personal attacks on the Royal Family and of course, constitutional monarchists. 

Having been unwelcome about Prince William's 2010 visit, they have run stories against him in the lead-up to the wedding and repeated unfounded gossip and innuenedo against Prince Andrew. The campaign against Prince Andrew is obviously intended as a distraction.


Some republicans are now calling for a boycott of the Royal Wedding. They are suggesting that instead of watching the wedding they get together to discuss a republic.

The couldl use the time to work out what has eluded them for over ten years- just what they are actually proposing.

It is time for the republicans to do this themselves and not have the taxpayers fund yet another attempt.

After all there have been eleven such taxpayer funded exercises in Australia diverting millions from hospitals, schools etc.


…United Kingdom republicans…


According to the Daily Telegraph Sydney (9/4l, the United Kingdom republicans are holding an alternative street party in Covent Garden on the day of the wedding.

A pretty mean spirited group who make threats if they don’t get their way and indulge in very personal campaigns, the United Kingdom republicans work closely with the Australian Republican Movement.

However their intelligence on Australia is somewhat dated. They say on their website:

“Australia currently leads the Commonwealth in the republican debate with the leaders of both main federal political parties now committed republic supporters.

"Most recent Australian prime ministers have been supporters of a republic.”

In any event, on 30 April, let’s compare the TV ratings with the republican party attendances.

…threats against the BBC, misleading press release…

In the meantime, the United Kingdom republicans have been threatening the BBC with legal action. So a meeting was held between the BBC and Republic on 27 March.

Republic then issued a press release published in the Daily Express claiming the BBC had agreed to change its reporting of the Royal Wedding. The BBC says the press release was misleading.

In response the British Monarchist League were assured by the BBC that the corporation has no plans to change their coverage of the royals or the upcoming royal wedding.

According to the League this proves yet again that republic was using legal threats against the BBC to further their own agenda by gaining nationwide publicity for their cause.

The BBC had written and sent a rebuttal to the Daily Express contesting the reports and statements made by republic as to the end result of the BBC/republic meeting.

This letter however was not published.

…the BBC position…


The BBC representative stressed:

It was a shame that the paper did not print the letter of defence in support of the BBC”.

He said that Republic was “wide off the cuff and that the BBC did not agree with what was reported by republic’s spokesman. In the eyes of the BBC the monarchy is not a subject of contention nor is our general scripture of royal coverage the account of what republic has stated”.

He continued that “Republic in fact represents a minority in the nation, and that there is no suggestion on behalf of the BBC to change the coverage or handling of the royal wedding.”

“ The BBC covers the monarchy in one aspect as the constitutional Head of State, but also reports on the Monarch and the royals as the world wide celebrities that they are”.

But according to the London Daily Telegraph (10/4) , the BBC will give unprecedented access to the dissident group. This coincides with support for a republic crashing to 13%, according to pollster YouGov.

The viewers and listeners will of course be interested in the wedding.


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