April 20

Rigged vote on republic


"It must be of serious concern to all Australians that the Deputy Prime Minister could be so wrong on what was the leading 2020 Summit issue, "said David Flint of Australians for Constitutional Monarchy.

 "Julia Gillard says most Australians want Australia to become a republic."

"On all the evidence this is completely untrue."

"The last Newspoll said 45% support change to a vague, undefined republic."

"And nobody was surprised that Maxine McKew couldn’t find anyone at the Summit who’s not a republican. "

"As Ms. McKew would know, only one side in the republican debate was appointed to the panel."

"This was a gerrymander which would make Mugabe envious."

" When Kevin Rudd was reported to be inspired by the dictator Mao Tse-tung in setting up the Summit, most of us thought this was a joke." " It wasn’t."


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