July 4

Rotating monarchy


The Australian’s Strewth is fascinated with rotating the succession to other royal houses. It is not of course going to happen, but I remember some so-called republicans in the 90s denigrating our Royal family and contrasting ours with some or other foreign Royal Family. One thing motivates them, and that is a hatred of our Royal Family.

A celebrated columnist, an ultra-republican, used to lionise any visiting minor Royal. His behaviour is so typical of prominent republicans that  ACM supporters have been warned to never stand between a group of republicans and a Royal, even a distant relative of al European pretender, otherwise they are likely to be knocked over and injured in the rush”

In “Send in the crowns” Strewth reports:

Reader Art Raiche has been following Strewth's sporadic debate (if one may deploy so strong a noun) on the subject of constitutional monarchies, and contributed this thought: "Although constitutional monarchy appears to be an excellent form of government, a single heritage monarchy is simply inadequate for such an ethnically diverse country as Australia. For that reason, we should switch ruling families every half century or so.

“There are bound to be lots of Bourbons, Romanovs, Hapsburgs and Hohenzollerns about, to say nothing of former Ottomans Safavids, Mughals, Tangs, Qings Mings and Jins, possibly even Shangs. I'm sure that there must be a few well-behaved heirs among so many former royal families. Maybe we could reignite dynastic wars to replace street violence."

…Orthodoxy and Monarchy….

Not only will this not happen, it is not at all necessary.

Our Royal house is related to most.   

Just go to the section on this site on Orthodoxy and Monarchy which points out:

“The Queen is herself the blood descendant of Orthodox saints such as St Edward the Martyr.

“No less than three Orthodox saints are among the close relatives of Queen Elizabeth the Second. Two of these are granddaughters of the Regina-Imperatrix Victoria – St Alexandra the Tsaritsa and her sister, St Elizabeth the New Martyr. Tsar St Nicholas is the third.

“The Queen's husband, Prince Philip is an Orthodox Christian as well (he returned to Orthodoxy in the 1990's). On widowhood, his mother became an Orthodox nun and had her chapel in Buckingham Palace until her death in 1969 when she was buried beside St Elizabeth Fedorovna in Jerusalem. "

Just on performance, our Sovereigns for long have shown how very well suited to the Australian Throne this Royal House is.



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