August 1

Royal News


This has been a week of Royal news. The Daily Mail of 27 July, 2007 reported that The Queen had attended an exhibition at the Palace , “A Royal Wedding: 20 November 1947.”  Organisers say the exhibition aims to reflect the mood of public rejoicing that swept through Britain following the end of the Second World War as the marriage approached. The exhibition at Buckingham Palace runs from to 25 September 2007.  At the suggestion of one of our readers, ACM is proposing that the exhibition tour Australia and other parts of the Commonwealth.

In  the meantime , it has been announced that The Queen and Prince Philip are to attend a special service to mark their diamond wedding anniversary at Westminster Abbey on 19 November 2007 — 60 years after they married there in 1947. The Queen is the first reigning sovereign to reach 60 years of marriage. More information may be found on the Royal website.

 Our colleague Harold , who maintains the excellent Monarchist Alliance service and website, said: “I wonder what preparations the Australian TV networks take to give us a chance to watch this service. May be we should send a reminder to the ABC that we want so see the Queen of Australia and her husband more often." We will certainly write to the ABC and other broadcasters to  propose this.

In addition, Princess Anne's son Peter Phillips is to marry his girlfriend, Autumn Kelly, Buckingham Palace has announced. Peter, 29, is the only son of Princess Anne and her first husband, Captain Mark Phillips. We wish them well.


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