January 11

Royal TV

Two series are coming up on Australian television.   “Guarding The Queen” is  to be broadcast over three weeks on the Foxtel Biography Channel, 630pm to 730pm   from Sunday  11 January, 2009. And on  ABC1, there is the "The House Of Windsor: A Royal Dynasty,"  which will  run from Monday 12 to 26 January 2009, at 605pm. Follow the links to our reports on each. The ABC must be changing its policy concerning Royal broadcasts, and a good thing too.

" No matter where you standon the debate about the British monarchy, this new three part documentary series is fascianting viewing," said the Sun- Herald on 11 January, 2009;  " ..royalists will relish this insightful three part series," declared the Sunday Telegraph on the same day.

In addition, the second series of the The Tudors is running on Foxtel Showcase TV on Wednesday evenings at 830 pm. Watching the series, it is clear that however powerful, Henry VIII was never an absolute monarch as was France's Louis XVI, as GR Elton explains in his authoritative book, The Tudor Constitution.

The King could not  abrogate,  repeal or suspend an Act of Parliament. Subjects accused of an offence were entitled to a trial. The King was more restrained by the law than modern dictators, or absolute kings.



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