October 31

Royal Visit 2011- Perth -Pt IX -Curtseys and Walkabouts



The Queen was welcomed by a large assembly at a garden party in Perth on Thursday 27 October. While broadcasting this, ABC TV 24 Hour News presenter Scott Bevan interviewed ACM's National Convener Prof David Flint, with contributions from Government House by correspondent Andrew O'Connor.


During the course of the interviews, Prof Flint explains why it is unlikely that this will be the last visit by the Queen to Australia. Noting the large assembly at the garden party, he repeats the warning to never stand between republicans and visiting royalty otherwise you will be knocked over in the rush. Welcoming the changes in the succession, he says the republicans would have been ill-advised to try to push their project during the visit. He argues against the view expressed by the Commonwealth Eminent Persons Group that the Commonwealth would become irrelevant if its proposals were not accepted to the letter.

How is it, he asks, but the Comoros has higher standards than the United Nations, yet it is not claimed that the United Nations is irrelevant. The Commonwealth will move to suspend members for undemocratic behaviour, and yet governments like Libya under the dictatorship could not only remain a member, but even head the UN human rights body . Unlike a view advanced by one leading foreign affairs commentator, Perth was in fact the right place to hold the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting.

Recalling that at one time no one would appear on a current affairs programme without a tie, Professor Flint notes that manners and etiquette evolve. The changes that we may be seen in the conventions relating to or curtseying and bowing out part of the normal evolution.,

The program may be seen in the following nine parts

1 Why this is unlikely to be the last visit.
II Premier's welcome
III Garden Party
IV The succession and politicians' republic
V Clontarf Aboriginal College
VI Commonwealth is relevant
VII Garden Party continued
VIII Perth, right place for CHOGM
IX Curtseys &Walkabouts


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