May 7

Royal Wedding

All, well almost, all Australians will rejoice at the wedding of the Danish Crown Prince and Mary Donaldson, although a former ARM chief , Mr Greg Barns, did manage to criticise the interest many have in this event.

 And it now seems clear that Australia , and especially Tasmania will enjoy considerable economic and cultural benefits from this marriage. Australia will be represented, indeed very well represented by our respected Head of State, the Governor-General and Mrs. Jeffrey. In addition the Governor of Tasmania will attend.

When he was appointed, ACM welcomed the support he now gives to our constitutional system evidenced by his making an affirmation of his allegiance to the Sovereign. Nevertheless we had one reservation. We said at the time he should not put words into his Sovereign’s mouth,a transgression we are happy to record he has not repeated.

 His presence at the wedding is entirely appropriate , and indicates that his support for our Constiutional system continues.


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