January 16

Royalty rates


Well, it sometimes pays to read the entertainment pages. Well, actually, it was a good younger friend with sharp eyes who tipped me off.  It will give a certain republican royal watcher apoplexy – he’s the one whose site describes me as a “perma-tanned Indonesian blow-in.”

The story was in David Dale’s report on what entertained us over summer, “Our Summer Gaze” in the Sun Herald  on 15 January 2011. You will see from the following that Mr. Dale does not seem to approve.

And in case you were wondering whether anybody cares about the Queen's Christmas message these days – it was the most-watched program on December 25, totalling 759,000 capital city viewers on Nine and ABC1.”

“There is no way to tell whether those viewers were actually awake.”

You could also add thos ewho saw the speech on the internet as well as extracts in the News on all free-to air networks, and on Sky…  



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