May 6

Saving the rain forests: Prince Charles uses the latest technology.


Prince Charles is the first senior member of the Royal Family to use a social networking website, MySpace, for his official duties. Sri Carmichael  reports in the London newspaper the Evening Standard (5/5) He has broadcast a plea to end the destruction of the rainforests. This was followed by a 90-second public awareness film about deforestation which received its online premiere on MySpace.

According to Time (5/5) the Prince has hired Blue State Digital, the Internet consultancy behind the hugely successful web component of President Obama's election campaign to provide the know-how and software to maximize the impact of the rainforest campaign and mobilize supporters.  

Prince Charles secured global support for his campaign at the G20 summit in London last month. Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi has offered to shepherd the Prince's proposals through meetings in July when Italy takes over the presidency.

"His great strength is to be a convener," says an aide. "He can't get directly involved in politics."

…the film….

According to Time, the film involves “a computer-generated horned frog, an eclectic cast of celebrities and a smattering of unknown but photogenic kids. Prince Charles's deadpan double-act with the frog betrays the relish for thespian activities that enticed him to star in amateur dramatics as an undergraduate at Cambridge University.

“His sons William and Harry drafted a couple of mates — Bond star Daniel Craig and soul diva Joss Stone — into the lineup, and also put in appearances themselves.

“With such a proliferation of princes, the frog — present in every frame — remains un-kissed, though it does get to nestle on Harrison Ford's shoulder, inspires Robin Williams to gurning mimicry, and shares the screen with Pele, the Dalai Lama and that most celebrated of amphibians, Kermit.

“It's odd but charming, a phrase that might also describe the British monarchy for all but convinced republicans, “says Time. And if the Prince succeeds in his mission to rescue the rainforest, he could even win round a few of them.”



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