September 17

Sir Usain Bolt? Delighted to be honoured by his Queen.


It is clear that just about the only people who oppose knighthoods are those who want to impose some sort of politicians’ republic on Australia and New Zealand. Even then, they only oppose their own Australian or New Zealand knighthoods, or ones in their Sovereign’s gift.

But try and stop them if there is a foreign knighthood on offer, especially one from a foreign republic. You will be knocked out of the way.  

What became clear from the courageous reintroduction of knighthoods in New Zealand by The Queen of New Zealand acting on the advice of her trusty and well beloved 38th Prime Minister of New Zealand, Prime Minister John Key is that recipients above all value the international recognition this gives. 

Just as young girls dream of marrying a handsome prince, and not some republican politician, the natural programming of men and women makes us all monarchists.

…a knighthood from his Queen?…

So it was encouraging to read that the world’s fastest man, Usain Bolt, would be honoured to be knighted by his Queen, The Queen of Jamaica.

Those who have this sinister plan to make the Ausralian and New Zealand political class even more powerful than they are will snigger about The Queen of Jamaica. But at the same time they will be going on about The Queen not being “appropriate” to a multicultural nation.

They can’t have it both ways.

What institution in this world could be more multicultural- in the nicest sense of that word – than our monarchy?

Anyway, when he won the 100 metres in the Berlin games in August with a new world record of 9.58 seconds, Usain Bolt completed the sprint double by destroying his own world record in the 200 metres.  

In “ Usain Bolt eyes knighthood after 19.19 200 metres world record in Berlin” the London Daily Telegraph (21/8) reported that Usain Bolt is the first man to hold the 100 and 200m world and Olympic titles at the same time and was delighted to prove his brilliant display in the Olympics last year was no fluke. 

Asked if Berlin was harder than Beijing, Bolt said: "Not mentally, physically it was harder because I wasn't in the best of shape. The rounds took a lot out of me this time. I just want to go home and sleep."

"It definitely means a lot because I showed people that last year wasn't a joke. I went through some problems this season but I came out here and I showed the world with hard work and dedication what is possible.” 

"I definitely came here trying to double. Now I'm double world champion, I'm double Olympic champion so I have to defend my titles. “

“If Queen Elizabeth knighthooded me would I get the title 'Sir Usain Bolt?”

“That sounds very nice.”

It does indeed.  We’ll raise a glass to that – to Sir Usain Bolt.

(Watch the video below of the 4 September 2009 track meeting in Brussels, Belgium, the IAAF Golden League Track and Field, where Jamaican Usain Bolt easily beat the field, and broke Tyson Gays old track record at 19.57 seconds in the men’s 200m. Wallace Spearmon took second. Source: Universal Sports,




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