November 6

Sixth Anniversary of the Referendum

Today, the 6 November is the Sixth Anniversary of the referendum, the day on which the Australian people reaffirmed, by a landslide, the decision of the Australian people in all of the six states, humbly relying on the blessings of Almighty God, to unite in one indissoluble federal Commonwealth under the Crown and under the Constitution.

For the first time in human history, a nation was formed without bloodshed or violence, and by the people themselves agreeing to the constitutional system under which the new nation would be governed.

The 1999 victory was achieved against a coalition dominated by wealth, politicians and the media, and about two thirds of the sitting politicians.

It was achieved by the more than 50,000 volunteers who worked together for this result, with coordinators in every electorate, and state and territory convenors and directors working together daily with the national executive and campaign directors and the convenor.

The result was that the very essence of our constitutional system was reaffirmed in every state, the Northern territory and in 72% of federal electorates.

Our national celebration of this event this year is being held in Brisbane, the state in which the reult was an overwhelmingNo to the very best model the rrpublican establishment could devise.

Our Queensland Convenor, Major General Digger James, will host a function at the Victoria League, and the speakers will be John Standley and John Brett, who have been so successful in leading the Toowoomba Branch in its many activities, including it remarkable education programme.

Today, the sixth of Novemeber, we say with Digger James and our Queensland colleagues:

Advance Australia Fair!


God Save the Queen!

Until next time,

David Flint


1999 Referendum, referendum

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