November 17

SkyTV: 10th anniversary debate PART 1


To commemorate the 10th anniversary of the landslide defeat of the republican referendum, Sky TV convened a major debate between the proponents of republican change and Australians for Constitutional Monarchy. This was broadcast across the nation on 6 November.

Tony Abbott, ACM’s first executive secretary and now a prominent parliamentarian joined the current ACM national executive director, Thomas Flynn against Greens leader Senator Bob Brown and chaiman of the republican movement, Major-General Keating.

During the debate, Thomas Flynn replied forcefully to the constant republican complaint that they were, if not cheated, hard done by in 1999.   The model which was put then was the one which had the overwhelming support of the republican delegates at the 1998 Constitutional Convention. It was the one chosen by the republican movement.

The first part of the debate is embedded below.



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