August 6

Spoilers target Olympics

The republicans just can't help themselves.  Instead of actually working out what they want and then putting it to the Australian people they prefer to mount a series of stunts. But why try to spoil the Olympics?

While the country is concentrating on supporting the Australian team at the Olympics, the republicans have stooped to trying to spoil this great event just to achieve their negative and destructive agenda.  

They are doing this with an unsubtle  pincer movement.

One side of the pincer is to attack our Australian Flag. The other is the Constitution, which – whatever its faults – is one of the world’s most successful.

..Republican attack on our Flag at the Olympics…

Republicans hate our flag and want to shred it.  But they consistently refuse to say what their preferred new flag is.

In his Sun-Herald (5/8) column, the leading republican Peter FitzSimons targets the wonderful Australians women's rowers, Sarah Tate and Kate Hornsey who won silver in London.  The British were first and the New Zealanders third.  So the beautiful flags of the three countries were raised.

But here is a video by the republicans blatantly using this moment to campaign against our flag.


Instead of rejoicing in the great performance of the Australians, the republicans complain about the similarities between the three flags.

Have they looked at other flags?  The Australian National Flag Association has. Here they are.

…using the Olympics to campaign against our constitution….

Apart from the Flag, the republicans are targeting our Constitution at the Olympics. Then they want to get rid of the crown, an integral part of the constitution. But since 1999 they steadfastly refuse to say what precisely will be in the new constitution.

Australians should not forget the politicians’ republic they tried to impose in 1999. Remember, it was the best model which the best minds in the republican movement could design. They had teams of constitutional lawyers, professors of law and politics, judges, attorneys-general, Queen’s Counsel, barristers to draw on.

And you, dear taxpayer, paid for it. The process cost millions and millions of dollars, diverted from education, health, water and any other worthwhile budget.

And what did they come up with? They produced the only republic in the world – indeed in recorded history –where a prime minister could sack the president at any time, without reason, without notice and without appeal.

What possible justification was there for the republicans to try to give any prime minister such dictatorial powers?

Australians should also ask themselves why was the media/ political establishment was so strongly in favour of turning any prime minister into a potential dictator? If you know the answer, we suggest you post it to the Facebook version of this comment.

In addition the republicans constantly repeat their fabrication that The Queen don't support Australia, ignoring the receptions she has given over the years to support Australian athletes.

Speaking to Channel 9 presenter, Leila McKinnon, at the London Olympics, Prince William and Prince Harry praised the prowess of the women's rowing pair Kim Crow and Brooke Pratley. Prince William and Catherine met Australian athletes, and were photographed by AAP with Australian slalom silver medallist Jessica Fox.


…a time and a place…

There’s a time and a place for everything. And there is no place for political stunts during the Olympics.

Instead of being such spoilers, why don’t the republicans go on a retreat and work out just what new constitution and what new flag they are proposing?


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