August 11

Swedish Royal Family

The following is a report,dated 9 August 2005, and headed "Swedish first family to pay a royal visit" by Greg Kelton. We thank the Monarchist Alliance for forwarding this (contact: [email protected]).

"The King and Queen of Sweden will visit South Australia and other states in November.

The royal visit will come just days after the environmental summit involving US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and other international leaders.

It will be the first royal visit to SA since the Queen came to Adelaide for a short stay just after the 2002 state election.

Details of the visit are expected to be announced in the next week by Prime Minister John Howard.

It is understood the State Government is also planning to invite the Crown Prince of Denmark and his Australian-born wife Mary to officiate at a future opening of a windfarm in SA."

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South Australia, Sweden

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