December 27

Sydney Morning Herald’s curious slant on the C-in-C’s Iraqi visit

In the meantime, the Sydney Morning Herald put a curious slant on the C-in-C’s visit to Iraq. We may wonder why it was published at this time.

The Herald led with the strangely timed page one story under this dramatic headline: “G-G’s relative in high-risk Iraq contract”.

This was about a relative, formerly in the SAS, who had subsequently worked with a security firm in Iraq. Drawing a long bow indeed, the Herald argued that if he had been taken hostage there would have been the potential to embroil the government in a drawn-out hostage crisis.

However, he insisted that he had gone to significant lengths to conceal his identity and links to Major-General Jeffery. The Herald sensibly did not publish the man’s name.

Unusually, only a summary of the story appears on the web with an indication that the full report was only available in the  print version.

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