January 5

Sydney’s train drivers want our Flag, so do the people..but does the NSW government?

Sydney’s train drivers have taken to wearing Australian flag badges after a colleague was ordered to remove the national flag from his compartment, according to MX News, the free newspaper distributed to passengers.

In a report in its 21 December, 2005 edition, rail workers say a colleague who had worn an Australian cap “for several years” had been told not to wear it at work. Workers said that most of them were disgusted with Railcorp’s order.

Barry O’Farrell, opposition spokesman on transport said “This is political correctness gone mad.”

MX said it had received scores of letters from “outraged readers”.

Two were published.

Brad of Hornsby asked why should such a small minority who feel the need to be embarrassed by our flag and country, determine what can and can’t be done by the average Australian.

Glenn of Taren Point was disgusted. He wrote:

“I found the same situation at Miranda police station when the flag was removed from outside the station. When asked why, police said the (NSW) government did not want to “insult” the Lebanese community”

It is clear the people want our flag to be flown. The NSW Premier and government ministers always pose for TV and press interviews and speeches in front of the flag-so why can’t our train drivers and police stations fly it?

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