February 15

Thank you to all our visitors

The statistics on the ACM website show a growing number of visitors from Australia and across the world.  In the last year there were over 7 million hits and over 3 million page views.  This is a significant increase on the 2008 figures.   And a  good number of visits, almost 30%, come from overseas.

 One of our readers told us the ACM site was probably the most active constitutional monarchist site in the world. This would exclude sites dedicated to providing social news about royalty.

Such news does not fall within our mission; ours is more about the advancement of constitutional monarchy as a system of governance, and in particular, that relating to Australia. This is not of course to criticise royal news sites; they perform an important function.

Australia is in many ways the frontier. The campaign for a politicians' republic was strongest  here, and the defence also was strongest. That is why we conducted such a campaign for the 1998 Convention, winning over 72% of the constitutional monarchist vote, why the alliance with the other four monarchist groups there was so strong and why over  55,000 supporters came out to campaign  in 1999.  Those who were involved have valuable experiences to share with those of other realms, other kingdoms and indeed other crowned republics.   

In the meantime our new education site, www.crownedrepublic.com.au has only been known since the midyear launch. But it has already received over a quarter of a million hits, and over 78,000 page views.

To all our visitors, thank you. We hope to maintain this service.  We certainly intend to continue to fulfil our mission in the defence of the Australian constitutional system, the role of the Crown in it, and our flag.



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