May 22

The ABC: We Must Protest in the Most Effective Way

The most effective way to object about the ABC’s behaviour in its Coronation Broadcast is to file your complaint with them.  

The more complaints the better. These figures are published.

You may first wish to look at ACM’s complaint. In this, ACM says the ABC seriously breached standards on accuracy, impartiality, and not causing gratuitous offence.  Details can be seen here.

ACM has experience in these matters.

Just as we ran the national referendum No Case campaign and the one to restore the NSW Governor to Government House, we also successfully persuaded the ABC to broadcast the Diamond Jubilee River Pageant instead of doing what they had announced, broadcasting a repeat of an American comedy film, ‘Shampoo’.

If you decide to complain, use the button below.

If you agree with ACM’s case and do not wish to draft your own, we suggest you do the following.

  • Just say in the Comments box that you have read the ACM complaint and agree with it.
  • Say you adopt the reasons advanced there as yours. Or use words to that effect.
  • Then click to submit it.

If you can, send a copy to your federal MP and your senators. You could also let the media know.




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