February 8

The Accession

The anniversary of the Accession of our Sovereign Lady, The Queen,  was on the 6th of February.  In NSW, the anniversary was commemorated at a very well attended service, a Choral Eucharist, on Sunday, 5 February 2006 arranged by the Royal Commonwealth Society at St James’ Church in the distinguished presence of Her Excellency,The Governor, Professor Marie Bashir and Sir Nicholas Shehadie.

This was followed by an excellent reception in the crypt.

A few days before, a service to mark the opening of the Law Term was held at St James, with the Red Mass at St Mary’s Cathedral, and, if tradition was followed also at the Great Synagogue.

Her Majesty’s judges, formally robed, went in procession to the services, where the bar, also robed, was in attendance with other members of the legal profession, reminding us of the close and interdependent links between the law, the Crown and our Judeo-Christian origons and continuing values.


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