April 29

The Coronation

The Coronation of His Majesty King Charles III is an important point In the life of our country. Only older Australians can recall the last Coronation and only the very old can recall two.

Indeed, since the people of the states, then six self-governing colonies, ‘humbly relying on the blessings of Almighty God’, agreed to unite in one indissoluble Federal Commonwealth under the Crown and under the Constitution, there have only been four Coronations.

Each has signified the beginning of an era, as no doubt this Coronation will.  

The ceremony itself is steeped in religious, political, and historical meaning, confirming that we live under one of the greatest and freest systems of government ever conceived.

Neither perfect and nor capable of improvement, this constitutional system has allowed a relatively new country to become today one of the half-dozen oldest continuing democracies in the world.

While the last Coronation was the first to be televised, Australians heard it  through the distinctive sound of short wave which seemed to mirror the sounds of the great oceans over which it was transmitted. They had to wait for colour film to be flown to the very ends of the vast Commonwealth and Empire over which the Queen then reigned. 

We are fortunate this time to be able see every moment , except the anointing which remains  too sacred to be shown.

We are fortunate indeed to ss this Coronation and to assume, with great justification, that the Crown in its Australian manifestation will long continue.

God Save The King!


Coronation, King Charles III

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