February 9

The Future of the Monarchy, Brown Coal and Malcolm Turnbull

Malcolm Turnbull’s speech opposing his party’s policy on greenhouse emissions was “a dream Labor speech from the vanquished,” according to David Marr in The Sydney Morning Herald, (9/2).  Mr Turnbull had already attempted to revive the debate about a republic, even accepting the once loathed directly elected presidency and endorsing a horrendous three part plebiscite.

 “Perhaps Turnbull will never be listened to so attentively by so many ever again,” wrote Mr. Marr. When he sat down after about 30 minutes, "the life drained from his face. He was at one with his exhausted supporters. Slowly he slumped in his seat, a picture of misery.” 

“It's yet another Australian's story: so much intelligence, so much promise, so much elan twice bested by the same conservative wrecker,” declared Mr. Marr.

“What a double for Abbott to boast" he added" Securing the future of the monarchy and brown coal.”

Malcolm Turnbull had of course been leader of the republican movement in the 1999 referendum and before. Tony Abbott, his successor as Leader of the Opposition, was ACM’s first executive director, and a fighter for our crowned republic.  

In question time, when Malcolm  Turnbull took out his Kindle, David Marr wondered whether he was  “investigating the options before him, lifetime goals for some but poor consolation prizes for the man who would be prime minister: banking, the bar or the Bahamas.” 

Wentowrth can be a curiously unreal part of Australia. In her salons, mystical powers are often attributed, quite dogmatically, to Mr. Turnbull. Some said he had to be elected in 2004 to "block Mark Latham" or to "save the Howard government". And some are now saying he must stay in Parliament to "save the seat". There are those who believe he will surely rise again. To which Alan Jones said on 2GB, " once bitten twice shy."



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