December 2

The Howard Era: the agenda setting work

The new Quadrant book, The Howard Era, edited by Keith Windschuttle, David Martin Jones and Ray Evans, contains a chapter on John Howard's great achievement ten years ago. This was  the successful defence of one of the world's most successful constitutions while giving those who wished to change it the fairest opportunity to put their case to the people which is conceivable.

If any reader doubts this, just recall how anyone opposing a politicians' republic was treated in the 2020 Summit. This  produced a ludicrous 98:1 vote in favour of a vague politicans' republic.

The chapter on John Howard's achievement  is “ Monarchy or Republic” written by Emeritus Professor David Flint.  The book is to be launched in Sydney on 4 December by the former Head of the Treasury and Senator John Stone, in the presence of the 25th Prime Minister of Australia, John Howard. 

The Howard Era is a 538-page book of 26 essays, which promises to be the agenda-setting work on the Australian government from  1996 to 2007.

The retail price of the book is $44.95.  It is available through leading bookshops or from Quadrant.

…."How John Howard Saved the Constitution"….

One of the five parts of the book deals with the Constitution. Essays in this part include David Flint’s, former High Court justice Ian Callinan’s” Concentrating Power”and distinguished Canadian law professor and well known commentator Professor James Allan’s “How John Howard Saved the Constitution.” 

The other parts are “John Howard’s Place in History”, “John Howard as Politican”,”Political Economy”, “Foreign Affairs and Defence”, and the “Culture Wars”. 

Contributors include John Stone, Tony Abbott, John Kunkel, Sinclair Davidson, Alan Oxley, Ken Phillips, Bob Day, Barry Maley, Chris Berg, Michael Evans, Andrew Shearer, Michael Wesley, Tom Switzer, Gary Johns, Greg Melleuish, Kevin Donnelly, James Allan, Ray Evans and David Martin Jones


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