January 16

The inquest -open fair ,transparent…and final

Prince William and Prince Harry have called for an "open, fair and transparent inquest" into the death of their mother, according to a report by Caroline Davies in the London Daily Telegraph  of 10 January, 2007.  (The Telegraph site also has two excellent picture galleries, “Prince William reports for duty” and “New inquiry”; just click on “Daily Telegraph” in this story on the ACM site.)  The Princes were represented by their private secretary, Major Jamie Lowther-Pinkerton MVO MBE, at a preliminary hearing for the inquests about Diana, Princess of Wales and Dodi Fayed in Paris almost 10 years ago. Former judge, Baroness Butler-Sloss, who presided over the hearing, said she had received a letter on the Princes’ behalf that read: "It is their desire that the inquest should not only be open, fair and transparent, but that it should move swiftly to a conclusion."  Lady Butler-Sloss advised Major Lowther-Pinkerton that she "…would be very surprised if those you represent … would be expected to give evidence."


The inquest is to be re-opened, Her Ladyship said, no later than May. On 14 January, 2007 it was decided that a jury would not be needed. Both the French inquiry and one conducted by former Scotland Yard chief, Lord Stephens, have found that what occurred in Paris was an accident.  There can be no doubt that the accident resulted from the condition of the driver, the speed of the car, the dangerous pillars in the tunnel, and the  harassment by the paparazzi, whose products are bought by the world’s press.  (A video on the inquest has been posted to the Telegraph site.)  Entirely fanciful rumours involving the intelligence forces and others are entirely mischievous and have been found to be without foundation. 




The Princes are well represented by the Sandhurst trained Major Lowther-Pinkerton, who has an impressive record.  In his military career, he served with the 1st Battalion Irish Guards and was attached to the Special Air Service (SAS).  He was once Equerry to The Queen Mother and saw service in the first Gulf War, in Sri Lanka and the Balkans.



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