January 25

The most important thing is to rid us of our heritage: Ray Martin


TV presenter Ray Martin says he objects “to having the British flag in the corner of our flag.  The flag, like the link to Britain through the constitution, will disappear. “

But, Mr. Martin,  all constitutional links to Britain ended in 1986.  Those links only lasted until then not because the British wanted them but because state governments from all sides trusted the British more than they did Federal politicians.

Ray Martin has no idea what the new flag should be. He thinks an Aboriginal connection is important. As with the republican movement, he is more concerned with getting rid of our heritage than the replacement.  

In a move likely to alienate his audiences, he is joining the Ausflag board along with republicans Janet Holmes a‘Court and  Philip Adams. 


According to Alan Howe in The Herald Sun, (“Time to change 'colonial' Australian flag – Ray Martin” 25 January) Martin’s campaign comes as Labour Party sources confirmed the Rudd Government, if re-elected later this year, will hold a referendum on a republic.  The republic debate, he says, was rekindled last week with the rapturous response to Prince William's visit to Australia.

Ray Martin was surprised by the reaction to Prince William. But it was obvious that on all the evidence this would happen. He is adamant Australia would one day become a republic.

He says the flag “will fade out with that generation of Australians who grew up with the flag and love the flag. I just don’t think we should have to wait that long. Why do we have to wait another 50 years?”

Not only is Mr. Martin’s understanding of the constitution unsound, he clearly has not watched the way young people have taken the flag to their hearts.  


Keep Our Flag

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