March 12

The Overwhelming Case for Returning the Governor – NOW – to Government House, Sydney


As we reported here, the public meeting at Parliament House on Monday 7 March, the latest stage of ACM's  long campaign to return the Governors of New South Wales to their purpose built home, Government House Sydney,  was a great success.

Now you can read the ACM’s case for the return of Government House as presented to the public meeting. This has  been posted to YouTube. The links are set out below.  Click on " Read More".

You can pass this on to your friends and those interested. The time to act is now.

Remember, the NSW eviction was to serve as a template for all the other five States, and then the Commonwealth. 

Had it been successful as a permanent measure – which we are determined will not be the case – it would be followed eventually by proponents of a politicians' republic in all the other realms, and eventually in the United Kingdom.

Did not one Minister in the former British Government call for the effective eviction of The Queen from Buckingham Palace?

This is above all, part of an authoritarian  programme for republicanism not by the will of the people, but by stealth.


             [Click on "Read More" below to access the rest of this four part presentation]








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