October 27

The Princess and the Media


In his October 2005 Quadrant editorial, PP Mc Guinness warns that the real tension in our political system is between democracy and the established media who will do anything to discredit those who refuse to go along with its agenda.

This was at its most blatant in the 1999 referendum campaign, when the media campaigned for constitutional change, not only in its opinion columns and programmes but also in reporting the news.

It was only a matter of time before the media would turn on Princess Mary. (I put aside former ARM leader Greg Barnes’ attack when the engagement was announced.)

But now The Australian’s Jane Fraser in the Strewth column on 20 October, 2005, objects, believe it or not, to the Princess saying about the birth of the young prince:

“ It’s been a truly wonderful experience.I am feeling wonderful. Word’s can’t describe how happy one feels.”

Next, opined Ms. Fraser, she’ll be saying ”my husband and I.”

On the same day, Ben English, in the Daily Telgraph, was allowed by his editor to dedicate a whole 400 plus words opinion piece to the same riveting subject!

Again it was because the Princess used the word"one"!

One does detect a wish to put them up and bring them down, doesn’t one.

One could even use that word beloved of republicans-inevitable

Until Next Time,

David Flint


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