December 24

The Queen’s Christmas Speech

According to the London Daily Telegraph of 23 December, 2005, The Queen’s Christmas speech this year will praise the generous humanitarian response shown to those affected by natural disasters and acts of terrorism.

She describes how the last year has shown that the "world is not always an easy or a safe place to live in". But she adds: "It is the only place we have."

The report says that The Queen chats to the choristers of the Chapel Royal , dressed in colourful red and gold tunics, and who sing a Christmas carol.

The Queen’s traditional Christmas Day message, which was recorded in the Chapel at Buckingham Palace, comes at the end of a year marked by the London suicide bombings and a devastating earthquake in Pakistan and India.

Buckingham Palace described the theme as praising "the generoushumanitarian response and compassion shown to those who sufferedfrom the succession of natural disasters and acts of terrorismduring the year".

Merry Christmas,

David Flint


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