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The Queen’s Eightieth Birthday…and we can still trust her Judgement

It is hard to believe that The Queen will be eighty next year.

Apart from having the appearance of a much younger person, Her Majesty maintains a workload that someone half her age would find demanding. And unlike a president, she costs us nothing, the British taxpayers actually making a considerable profit on the monarchy.

And unlike a president, we pay The Queen – and we will never pay The Queen – any superannuation whatsoever or indeed any golden handshake.

According to a recent Press Release, Buckingham Palace is planning a number of events to celebrate The Queen’s 80th birthday in 2006.

Her Majesty’s actual birthday is on 21 April and her official birthday is on 17 June in the United Kingdom(in 2006, probably on 19 June in most parts of Australia, except in Western Australia where traditionally it will be on 2 October) .

Apart from celebrations around the Commonwealth, the British celebrations are to be at both Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle.

They will combine private family celebrations with more public occasions.

The Queen will spend her actual birthday, 21 April, at Windsor Castle as usual.

Her Majesty’s official birthday will be marked by that wonderful ceremony, the annual Trooping the Colour on 17 June.

Other events planned around these two dates will include:

• 80th birthday reception and lunch – London On 19 April 2006, The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh will host a reception and lunch at Buckingham Palace for some of those people who will also be celebrating their 80th birthday on 21 April 2006.

• Birthday dinner:Prince Charles will host a family dinner for The Queen on the evening of 21 April 2006.

• Family Service of Thanksgiving – Windsor: On Sunday, 23 April 2006, Members of The Royal Family will attend a special Service of Thanksgiving at St George’s Chapel, Windsor, to celebrate The Queen’s 80th birthday.

• National Service of Thanksgiving – London On 15 June 2006, The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh will attend a National Service of Thanksgiving at St Paul’s Cathedral followed by a Lunch given by the Lord Mayor and the Corporation of London.

• Children’s Garden Party – London On 25 June 2006, The Queen will host a "birthday" Garden Party at Buckingham Palace for children from all over the UK.

• Special travelling exhibition of works by Leonardo da Vinci. Ten of the Royal Collection’s finest drawings by Leonardo da Vinci will be sent to museums and galleries in Exeter, Aberdeen, Leeds and Cardiff in 2006 to mark The Queen’s 80th birthday.( Further detail can be seen on the site- click on the link at the end of this section)




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