April 6

The swear allegiance to the Crown they plan to destroy

Given the state of public transport, the roads, the queues in the hospitals, our schools, water supplies, electricity, other basic infrastructure, law and order itself, and the heavy taxation burden the people of New South Wales must bear- by far the heaviest in the Commonwealth-is it not extraordinary that the Carr government can find the time and the money to bulldoze through legislation to get rid of their Oath of Allegiance?

The politicians who are doing this have themselves solemnly sworn the very Oath they are intent on destroying. And they are so arrogant they are doing this without even asking the people! The people of New South Wales,and every other State of Australia, gave a resounding answer to the question whether they wanted to change their Constitution in 1999.

The NSW politicians are ignoring this clear decison of the people, as well as the many petitions of the people who have registered their strong opposition to this measure. They should first ask the people whether they want the policians to be released from the Oaths they freely swore.

The  Oath of Allegiance represents a promise of loyalty, and for the ministers of the Crown,an acceptance that they are responsible to and accountable to the people through the Crown, whose principal functions in the State are exercised by the Governor of New South Wales.

 The Carr government has previously treated the office of Governor arrogantly and shabbily. They ejected the Governor, and kept her from living in her rightful home. This has been done at great additional cost to the people, inconvenience to the governor, and also ensuring no country person, indeed, no one from outside Sydney can ever become Governor.

The Carr government seems intent on futher undermining and downgrading this important check on the abuse of power. They must ask the people first before they are allowed to abandon their Oaths.

Until next time,

David Flint


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