May 2

The way ahead

I see Alex Mitchell and Kerry-Anne Walshe (Sun Herald 30 April, 2006) have a scoop. It is what you have all been anxiously waiting for- the name of the republican of the year to be announced in Orange on 20 May, 2006. This will be in the presence of the mayor, John Davis. 

Perhaps His Worship the Mayor doesn’t know the level of support among his constituents the organizers of this function actually enjoy.  Under the old law the Republican Party candidates would have lost their deposits in every election they contested. Has the mayor also forgotten that his electorate voted overwhelmingly against the republicans’ preferred republic in 1999?  Only 36.89% of the electorate voted yes. Perhaps someone should tell him.

And by the way, who is to be the republican of the year?   It is none other than Philip Adams. And just like Bob Carr and the taxpayer funded senate committee, he will talk on something about the way ahead or the road to the republic. The curious thing is that Mr. Adams is not to be the republican of the year for 2006. He’s last year’s republican! He is the republican of the year for 2005.  And we thought the constitutional monarchists were supposed to be living in the past. 




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Integrity be damned

Integrity be damned
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