January 24

Tinkering with system fraught with danger

Our constitutional monarchy model does two things, writes Gerald Hayes in a letter published in The Australian (“Tinkering with system fraught with danger” 23 January).  He says it provides us with the most successful form of democracy and also reflects our cultural ties to Great Britain Our multicultural society, he says,  does not deny Anglo Australians having pride in their ancestry. 

His letter opened: “Chris Kenny (‘A bonny prince, but we deserve to be a republic’,Commentary, 21/1) and Darryl Toohey (Letters, 21/1) both sing from the same hymn sheet regarding their wish to see Australia become a republic.


…"move to England"  says republican…

He continued:"However, Toohey has reached a new low by suggesting that those of us that support the constitutional monarchy model (a resounding majority at the last referendum) should'move to England'. His sneering pomposity acclaims that we don’t know what’s good for us." 

“Our incredibly successful post-war influx of migrants from Europe includes many who left their countries to benefit from our more stable and successful form of democracy and now, as older Australians, they are proud to be champions of our constitutional-monarchy model.”

 “Our governor-general is head of state, not the Queen. Our system of government has the Crown as the nucleus of our political system but the Crown does not govern, as such.”

 “Kenny writes a more measured analysis of the issue but like Toohey refuses to acknowledge that tinkering with the best system in the world is fraught with danger.” 

…The Turnbull revival….


Incidentally, Chris Kenny was chief of staff to former opposition leader and Australian Republican Movement chair Malcolm Turnbull, who has just launched a media blitz reviving and revising his republicanism.

He says republicans have relied too much on the argument the head of state should be Australian. But an international lawyer, and most constitutional lawyers who had researched the question, would say she is. 

He says the head of state should not be shared with 15 other countries. She isn’t.

But The Queen is – and that is strength in this modern world and in a multiracial Australia. He says the strongest argument is thta all offices should be filled by merit. We could not have a better Sovereign; our governors-general and governors have been outstanding.    


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