October 25

To curtsey or not


Remember John Cleese in the parrot shop. Trying to sell a stuffed parrot , the shopkeeper pronounces those immortal words, "The parrot's not dead. He's only resting "

The remnants of the republican movement as saying: 'is "the Republic's not dead. It's only resting" so, apart from some of the more desperate in the comment area, the republic has not been much of an issue in this royal visit.

How wonderful it was that Roy Morgan Research was able to produce that superb survey at ACM's 12th national conference, which showed that support for Republic is now down in the 30 percentile bracket. And falling .

So it was essential to have some controversy and some conflict. So when the Prime Minister didn't curtsey to The Queen, this became the cause celebre.

Mazoe Ford reports on it on Channel 10, which was broadcast on 20 October. I was asked my views and said I thought the Prime Minister behaved very properly and in accordance with accepted current conventions.

And later, the Prime Minister was to give a superb speech at the Parliamentary welcomed the Queen. Ms Gillard based on this on the Queen's vow made in Capetown when she turned 21 " that her life, whether it be long or short would be dedicated to your service and the service of the great imperial family to which we all belong."



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