September 3

Tony Abbott: 2020 still a “crowned republic”


Tony Abbott was a senior minister in the Howard government. A man of strong principle, a considerable communicator, written and oral, with a striking presence, it was evident years ago that Tony Abbott was destined to play a leading role in the nation’s affairs.


In his latest book, Battlelines, he confirms his long declared support for our constitutional monarchy.

And how does he see the future?

“Come 2020,” he says “I am confident that Australia will still have one of the world’s strongest economies because the current yearning for magic-pudding economics will turn out to be short-lived. The United States will remain the world’s strongest economy by far, and our partnership with America will still be the foundation of our security.

“We will still be a “crowned republic” because we have concluded (perhaps reluctantly) that it’s actually the least imperfect system of government.” 



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