November 3

Twin campaigns remembered as history is made

The politicians' republic was principally defeated in 1999 by two campaigns. One was the advertising campaign run by the Vote No Committee of 8 ACM delegates and 2 independent republicans.

As with everything John Howard did about the referendum, this committee was appointed with commendable fairness. It – and the Vote Yes Committee – were appointed equitably on the basis of voting for the 1998 Constitutional Convention.


The other campaign was run by ACM, mobilising over 50,000 supporters through electorate coordinators and state and territory divisional directors answering to the National Campaign Director, David Elliott.  It had its own advertising campaign and ensured a presence in the polling stations. 

Now on the tenth anniversary history will be made. On 5 November, in the Neville Bonner Oration, John Howard will deliver his first address on the subject in ten years.

Alan Jones, who differed – as he so often does -from the commentariat, and who treated both sides fairly, will also speak.

And the emerging leader of the next generation of parliamentarians who are loyal to the flag and the constitution, and who honour their Oath of Allegiance, Senator Cory Bernardi, will be there.

A DVD of the function and all those present will be made and will become a permanent record of this significant event. 

A few places are still available. We expect all to be filled by lunch on Tuesday.  


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