October 9

UK Channel 4 never learns


A so-called docu-drama about what would have happened if Prince Harry were captured while serving with the army in Afghanistan is set to appear on the British television Channel 4 will screen the show titled The Taking Of Prince Harry on October 21.

On its record, the channel demonstrates  a republican agenda involving abandoning the fine traditions of the United Kingdom.

According to a report by News limited, the programme will centre on the potential hostage scenario if the Prince  – third in line to the throne – were taken prisoner while serving in the army in Afghanistan.

The 90-minute show includes shocking images of an actor appearing as the Prince having a gun pointed at his head.

A Clarence House spokesman, said, "Speculating on the security of Prince Harry as both a serving member of the armed forces and a senior member of the royal family is unhelpful."

…noble Prince..

 Prince Harry served in Afghanistan for 10 weeks in active service but was forced to return to Britain in February 2008 after a media outlet breached a reporting ban on his tour. In wishing to serve the Prince indicated he was willing to pay the supreme sacrifice.

We reported in this column ( "Prince Harry: honour, Duty and Service") on 3 March 2007 this did not go unnoticed in the United States. 

Commentator  Marie Cocco spoke for many thoughtful Americans when she wrote that she was impressed by the fact that “England sends its prince into battle.” 
She contrasted this with what was happening in the  great aristocratic families of the American republic.

…Channel 4’s record…

To say we have previously warned the British public broadcaster, Channel 4, will no doubt recall parallels with the famous, I think Irish editorial, early in the twentieth century, “ We have previously warned the Csar…”

In a column on the broadcaster, “Big Brother channel attacks Prince Charles,” 12 March 2007, we pointed out that far too often a story, a 'beat-up',  about a member of the Royal Family goes around the world and is widely published.

When it is subsequently established beyond reasonable doubt that there is not a skerrick of truth in the story, the correction is given minimal publicity and in some outlets, even ignored.

Channel 4 has a consistent record in going against tradition, even in relation to Christmas .

...invitation to Holocaust revisionist to give Christmas message…


This is the channel which in 2008 actually invited Holocaust revisionist Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to deliver its ‘alternative Christmas message.

As Damien Thompson, the editor in chief of Britain’s Catholic newspaper The Catholic Herald observed in the London Daily Telegraph on Christmas Eve,  that decision  was “more than a sick seasonal prank: it's further evidence of the Left's schoolgirl infatuation with Islamic bigots.”

 He continued: “Dorothy Byrne, head of news and current affairs at Channel 4, justifies her decision as follows: ‘As the leader of one of the most powerful states in the Middle East, President Ahmadinejad’s views are enormously influential. As we approach a critical time in international relations, we are offering our viewers an insight into an alternative world view.’ 

“Well, that's one way of describing a version of history in which the Jews are held responsible for most of the evil in the world.

 “The president of Iran is a Holocaust sceptic who, a couple of years ago, organised an academic conference on the subject at which a neo-Nazi produced models of a concentration camp (complete with toy train set) designed to show that Hitler's gas ovens did not exist.

 “His government's views on homosexuals are also robust, shall we say. Indeed, several Channel 4 executives would find themselves locked up if they followed their ‘degenerate lifestyle’ in Iran. 

“But none of that matters to Channel 4 commissioning editors, because the Christians, Jews, gays and political dissidents being persecuted in the Islamic Republic are safely out of earshot: you can't hear their cries in Crouch End.”

Christians are a persecuted minority in Iran. Can you imagine, years ago Christmas messages on a British public broadcaster from persecutors such as say, Lenin, Stalin, Mao or Hitler?

Channel 4 certainly has form.



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