May 8

Unfair generalisations

In “ 30 Deeply Unfair Generalisations,” in the Daily Telegraph on 14 April 2007, Tim Blair was, as always, amusingly provocative.



(Some of them were picked up in The Australian on 16 April 2007)


Two would be particularly irritating to republicans, who I notice now include Dame Edna Everidge, who admitted this when she announced recently she had been called to a family summit with the Royal Family in London.



The two unfair generalisations which will irritate the republicans are: number 17 –  “The same people who urged that we become a republic in order to stand on our own two feet and make decisions for ourselves now demand we heed the economy­wrecking directives of Britain's Sir Nicholas Stern,” and number 21 – “The same people who were ultra-nationalistic during the republican debate these days decry the ugly nationalism of displaying the Australian flag on Australia Day”.



Thank you Tim.




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