March 29

Vale, Pro Hart

Pro Hart, the nation’s most loved artist, will receive a state funeral in Broken Hill on Tuesday, 4 April, after succumbing to motor neurone disease on 28 March, 2006.

It was clear that although rejected by the arts establishment, he was always in touch with the Australian people. A strong supporter of Australians for Constitutional Monarchy, he distrusted all elites, including of course, republicans.  

According to a report in The Australian of 29 March 2006 by  Patricia Karvelas and Verity Edwards, he  was snubbed by the National Gallery because he did not fawn to the elites and invite them to his art shows.  

Discovered by the Adelaide art authority, Kym Bonython, his talent was soon recognized at home and internationally. And in addition to being a great artist, he was  a most generous benefactor of the many charities which so often sought his assistance.

Pro Hart, the nation’s artist, is survived by his dear wife  Raylee, and his children John, Kym, Marie, Julie and David . ACM send them our deepest sympathies at this time of sadness




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