September 9

We Hold Different Views – ACM Charter

A journalist telephoned me recently to ask why I had emailed ACM supporters to get behind Peter King, who had just announced his candidature as an independent for the seat of Wentworth.

I replied that I had not- ACM just does not give voting instructions to its supporters. This is because ACM is, and has always been, completely unaligned politically. This can be seen in our Charter which declares -"we hold different political views".

An email newsletter,, has taken my column on Wentworth completely out of context. The policy of ACM is to support candidates from any democratic political party, or similar independents, who are signed up supporters of ACM. This certainly involves making our support base aware of their canditature. But if in Wentworth, for example, another similar candidate were to emerge, ACM would support that candidate as well as Peter King. Until Peter King stood it was likely that the next member would be republican- Labor or Liberal. Either result would have been unwelcome to constitutional monarchists.It was in this context that I referred to the polling in the seat which had been published in The Australian.

ACM, as an organization, remains indifferent to the political affiliations of the next member for Wentworth-we just want him or her to be a constitutional monarchist. ACM has supporters in all parties. The organization has no policy on political matters such as the environment or Guantanamo Bay-it has but one policy.

And that is to preserve, protect and defend our great heritage-the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Australia, the role of the Crown in it, and our Flag.

Until next time,

David Flint

– ACM is, and has always been, unaligned politically –


King, Peter, Wentworth

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