October 18

Welcome to the great city of Wagga Wagga



Welcoming delegates to the great city of Wagga Wagga, President of the Wagga Wagga Chamber of Commerce, Julian McLaren, shared some disturbing news,

"I went on a trip to China recently.  And when you go on a trip to China, it's advisable to have your business card interpreted into Chinese."

"So I had my Wagga Wagga business chamber card translated so they know who you are and what you do."

"So after handing out my cards a few times I was quite taken back by their response."

"They were quite enthusiastic and quite amazed that I was there."

"It wasn't long before one of the guides explained that I was the President of Australia!"

"So we might have to close the conference, there is already a President."

Mr. McLaren declared that he supports the Monarchy because of the system of government that it delivered.

"We cannot allow people to take our system of government for granted", he added.


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