June 3

What is it about the ABC and republics?

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation is reporting that countries have a longer republican history than the facts would justify.

Recently the ABC’s Lateline declared Ireland became a republic in 1922.


Ireland became a republic in 1948, many years later. Anyone knowing the history of Ireland would know that extreme republicans waged an unsuccessful civil war in 1922 -23 in an attempt to force a republic onto a reluctant Ireland.

…now Italy…

Now the ABC has been announcing that  the “Governor-General Quentin Bryce is on a six-day official visit to Italy and is one of around 40 heads of state attending celebrations to mark the 150th anniversary of the ( Italian) republic.”

The Governor-General is attending celebrations to mark not 150 years of an Italian Republic, but 150 years of Italian unification.

Italy became a republic as a result of a highly questionable plebiscite in 1946, not 1871. The people were denied any details whatsoever of the republican model.

The South was relatively peaceful, having been liberated by Americans and British troops. It voted 63.8%, for the monarchy.  

The North recorded support 66.2%for a republic in chaotic conditions. The Americans and British were advancing against the Nazis and the notorious Salò puppet state forces.

Imagine trying to vote under such circumstances. It was completely impossible to conduct a genuine poll. The fact that it was held at this time supports the conclusion that a fraudulent result was being planned .

On 4 June The Pope was informed that the monarchy had won, but on the next day an unexpected and large number of republican votes arrived.

The claimed result was   54.3% to 45.7% in favour of  some sort of republic.   


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