February 26

Shock disclosure about referendum results

Two of the multi choice questions in a recent quiz about the  ABC  are fascinating. The answer to question 9, given confidently on the ABC by the prominent Melbourne broadcaster Jon Faine, would astound the Australian Electoral Commission.   The questions follow:

                      "9. In the 1999 republic referendum – the only time Australians have ever voted on the issue – 45.13 per cent voted in support of a republic. No state achieved a majority in support of the proposal. Last year, when the proposal was raised again, a caller to Jon Faine’s program asked why the referendum result is ignored. Jon Faine said:

(a) One-third of Australia voted for the republic.

(b) Two-thirds of Australia voted for the republic.

(c) About 45 per cent of Australia voted for the republic.


8. Does 774 ABC Melbourne’s Jon Faine like the Australian flag?

(a) Yes.

(b) No."


You can hear the answers to the multi choice quiz through this link : " Do you really know your ABC?

…controversial ABC ruling on constitutional and international law ,,,

This recalls the curious instruction to staff by the ABC grammarian on the use of the term Head of State. This instruction overruled the High Court and  successive promulgations by the Hawke and Keating governments. ( See Sir David Smith's comment on this here.)      


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