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Whom do Australians trust most?

Whom do Australians trust most?


Whom would you trust to keep an embarrassing secret? ,  And whom would you trust with your e-mail password and thus with the secrets of your inbox?


According to the Readers’ Digest “ Most Trusted” 2008 Annual Survey, Australians would trust The Queen more than other famous Australians.


A likely candidate to lead the list of the most trusted  would be Australian and have links to Princess Diana, someone on whom the nation could cast its aspirations,  demographer Bernard Salt told The Sydney Moring Herald reporter Yuko Narushima (“In Wiggles we trust – and [Princess] Mary can mind the house, “ 19 June, 2008).


"If Prince William were to come to Australia and pick a bride from the western suburbs of Sydney who worked at a kindergarten, she'd have all of the pistons working in her direction," he said.

Australia’s 100 most trusted professions list will make dismal reading for republicans.

Concentrated as they are among the elites, especially  the politicians and journalists, they are at the bottom with  CEO's and psychics and astrologers slightly more trusted.

Journalists, most of whom are republican, are thought to be only slightly more trustworthy than real estate agents, prostitutes, car salesmen.

Politicians – about two thirds of whom are republican –  were said to be the least trustworthy, but for the profession of telemarketers.

This gives some indication of how people will react to republican arguments in a plebiscite or another referendum.\

…Canada too…


In the meantime, a report on The Monarchist on 14 July, 2008 is in a similar direction.

Apparently a recent survey by Canada's Dominion Institute  sought to "create a list of the 101 people, places, symbols, events and innovations that most define Canada."  

The top three were The Maple Leaf, the Battle of Vimy Ridge and Queen Elizabeth.

As “Kipling” says, the choices are both fascinating and heartening.

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