February 27

Why, Malcolm Fraser, why?

This letter appeared in The Weekend Australian on 27-28 February, 2010:

Dear Editor,

Sir David Smith (26/2)  demonstrates that Malcolm Fraser’s recollection of the way he obtained a double dissolution in 1983 is seriously defective.

So is his recollection of 11 November 1975.  He claims that he was in effect tipped off by Sir John Kerr before Gough Whitlam was dismissed. In fact it was Sir David, acting on Sir John’s instructions who contacted Mr. Fraser’s secretary asking him to come to Government House. This is set out in detail in Sir David’s book, Head of State, 2005 at page 244.

Why gratuitously reflect on the reputation of a man who was doing his duty as he saw it and who cannot now reply?

David Flint


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