October 11

Why We Remain A Monarchy

Why do counties such as Australia , Canada and New Zealnd prefer to remain constitutional monarchies? The reason is in part historical, as the Canadian priest Father Janzen explains:

“As our thoughts and prayers turn from the passing of our beloved Queen Mother to the much anticipated celebrations surrounding The Queen’s Golden Jubilee, it is important to understand why Canada is a Monarchy; and what it is that makes the Crown a unique institution to be cherished in this country.

Canada is a Constitutional Monarchy by choice – freely willed by a free people. Queen Elizabeth II (since 1952), is the Queen of Canada and our Head of State. This is a simple statement of fact based on the Constitution, laws, and history of Canada.”

Father Janzen points to the mistake some make of thinking those whi wish to keep our constitutions do so for only sentimental reasons. He says:

“Unfortunately, there are some who think that the Monarchy is just some symbol of a British past which we have hung on to for sentimental reasons. There are others in Canada who are under the erroneous impression that the Monarchy went out the window when the Canadian constitution was patriated in 1982. The truth is that Canada remains a constitutional monarchy not only out of respect for our past but out of a keen desire to remain a united and democratic country for future generations.”

This is an important point to which I shall return in a future column

Until next time,

David Flint


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