June 19

World’s latest constitutional monarchy – Morocco

King Mohammed VI of Morocco has announced plans for reforms limiting his own powers, enhancing the authority of the prime minister and parliamen and thus turning Morocco into a full constitutional monarchy. This video report of 17 June 2011 is from the leading European news service, Euronews.

The King had earlier indicated on 11 March 2011 that he would build a constitutional monarchy with a democratic parliament.

The proposals will be put to the people – men and and women – in a referendum on 1July 1.

"My loyal people, you'll find me among the first to work on implementing the proposed constitutional project which enforces the basics of the constitutional, democratic and parliamentary monarchy, after it has been voted on by the national survey which will take place on the 1st of July," His Majesty said.

Morocco is already one of the Arab world's freest and most stable countries. Moving to a full constitutional monarchy – the nation was already well on the way – demonstrates the strength of this constitutional model, one which has worked better in the Arab world than any other form of government.



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