February 6

Yet Another Hereditary Republic

Hereditary republics are not new.

Cromwell’s son succeeded him, briefly, until the nation almost unanimously restored the King. The Presidents of Arab republics often plan to keep the presidency in the family.  Saddam Hussein’s plans in that regard were thwarted.

The difference between a constitutional monarchy is that an hereditary republic is usually at least authoritarian and more often than not a brutal dictatorship.

It is invariably corrupt and often persecutes minorities. Constitutional monarchies ensure the rule of law, provide robust parliamentary government and usually protect minorities.  An example was Egypt before 1952.

We are apparently about to see a succession to the third generation in one notorious  republic.

There have been reports of purges and executions to secure the succession of Kim Jong-un as North Korea's new leader, according to The Australian (17/1).

He is expected to succeed his father and grandfather to the hereditary dictatorship of the Democratic People’s  Republic of Korea.

He is  said to have called for "gunshots across the country".  [Continued below]


"Since last year the regime has apparently relied increasingly on public executions to tighten control," said the South Korean ambassador for international security, Nam Joo-hong.

Complaints about the succession of the younger Kim were one reason for the number of executions, he told Chosun Ilbo, a conservative newspaper in Seoul.

The Australian says that South Korean newspapers have been reporting that more than 200 officials have been executed or detained by the state security bureau and one official jumped to his death.

Jong-un is reported to be targeting middle-aged officials linked to the two old-guard figures closest to his father.

They are Jang Song-taek, brother-in-law to the elder Kim and entrusted with key appointments, and Okuk-ryol, a veteran of the National Defence Commission, North Korea's most important body. Analysts say the aim is to weaken the two men and enhance Jong-un's ability to inculcate fear and obedience.


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