November 9

Young Australians to celebrate Affirmation Day in Melbourne

This coming Friday, 13th November, the Melbourne Branch of The Young Nationals is running November Drinks in the city. The National Party is the only one in the Federal Parliament whose platform is committed to the retention of our oldest institution, and the one above politics, the Australian Crown.

The Victorian National’s Senate candidate, Bridget McKenzie (an ACM member, who campaigned on retaining the Crown during the pre-selection in March) will be addressing the gathering.

Nicholas Tam, the Federal Vice President and Victorian State President of the |Victorian Young Nationals tells us that the young Nationals will be  celebrating Affirmation Day, and as such will be toasting Her Majesty during the evening.

When: Friday 13th November from 6pm

Where: The Apartment Lounge & Bar, 401 Little Bourke St, Melbourne VIC 3000 

Enquiries and RSVPs: [email protected]



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