December 29

A New Year Resolution?

The amount of taxpayer funds which republicans have managed to divert from schools, hospitals, transport, water etc., is never ending.  The amount involved would be millions and millions of dollars. You might have thought the republican politicians would have had the decency to stop this after their landslide 1999 defeat. You would be wrong.

There were five inquiries and votes before the referendum. But there have been seven since.  Even the supposedly private Corowa conference was subsidised by the Victorian government.

Just this year there have been three.  That's right. Three. Since the current declaration  of faith among republicans that a politicians' republic is unattainable during the present reign, we suggest they make just one New Year's Resolution.

This is not to waste one cent more of your money on this folly during this reign.




And it is not only all these inquiries, votes, summits and so on.  Every minute the republican politicians put into this folly on their publicly funded salaries, they have less time to attend to their core functions. 

The republican politicians won’t even tell us what sort of republic and what new flag they have up their sleeves. In fact the republicans want the tax payers to pay to work out the model the republicans are too lazy, too incompetent or too divided to work out for themselves.

So far the taxpayer has paid millions and millions of dollars into this adventure. Add to that the vast costs involved in removing Royal Symbols through the acts of creeping republicanism by state and local governments.

Watch, for the record, the video below showing the two warring politicans who brought the country to the brink of disaster in 1975 coming together in 1999 to try to persuade Australians to give even more power to the politicians in a politicians' republic.



… taxpayer funded exercises designed to soften the way for some politicians' republic …


The 12 major taxpayer funded (or in relation to one, subsidised) votes and inquiries have been:

1.     Republic Advisory Committee, 1993
Plebiscite for an Australian Republic Bill, 1997
Convention Election, 1997
Constitutional Convention, 1998.
Referendum, 1999
Corowa Conference, 2001
Republic (Consultation of the People) Bill, 2001
Senate Inquiry: Road to a Republic Report, 2004
Plebiscite for an Australian Republic Bill, 2008
2020 Summit, 2009
Senate Finance and Public Administration Report, 2009
12.    Inquiry into the machinery of referendums, 2009


Republicans believe Australians have to keep on voting until they get it right. They are determined to spend vast and never ending amounts of the taxpayers hard earned funds. But they refuse to reveal just what sort of politicicans' republic  and what new Flag they are planning to foist on an unwilling and uninterested people.


In the meantime when will the politicicans stop subsidising the republicans?     Must they keep on throwing the taxpayers' hard earned money away?  So a New Year's resolution to stop this profligacy would be timely.



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