June 18

“A republic? Not inevitable … and making sure it won’t happen.” Adelaide Forum: 23 June

This is the theme of two  forums that will be held in Adelaide on Tuesday 23rd of June 2009. To fit in with all of our supporters, there will be a choice between sessions in the afternoon and the evening. 

One will be an afternoon tea ($ 10 per person)  from  2.00pm to  4.00pm  at Old Parliament House, North Terrace, Adelaide. The other will be a dinner at the Public Schools Club 207 East Terrace, Adelaide($ 45 per person with drinks available from the bar at additional cost) 

The forums aim to answer people’s concerns about the latest developments in the push to impose some sort of politicians’ republic on the nation, and to change our flag. Senator Bob Brown’s bill for a plebiscite at the next election is only one example of this.

 The government is committed to a republic, and if returned could proceed with it after the next election. There are several coalition politicians who are on the record as committed republicans.

ACM has consistently argued that a plebiscite (or plebiscites – republicans can’t even agree on that) is a disgracefully irresponsible proposal, and a recipe for constitutional instability. Demanding a vote of no confidence in one of the world’s most successful constitutions, the proponents offer absolutely nothing to replace it. Scandalously, they know in their hearts that another referendum is doomed. 

ACM invites those in Adelaide to  hear what we are doing in fighting the plebiscite, and how we are  using the latest technology and in our exciting new project to educate the young about the Crown launched   at a booked out function at  Parliament House, Sydney on the 3 June. 

To discuss these issues we are putting together an outstanding “Q&A” panel of leading constitutional monarchists, including Professor David Flint, Dr David Phillips, the respected commentator Christopher Pearson, our national executive director Thomas Flynn, and Jai Martinkovits, ACM’s young advisor on the use of internet technology. 

The point is, as in 1999 we must fight on. If we do not, future generations of Australians will be deprived of their inheritance.   


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